Disaster Relief

General Information

If you or your church has interest in starting a Disaster Relief ministry, the Associational team has people who are willing to come to your church to speak, represent Disaster Relief during ministry fairs, or to sit down and talk with interested individuals, or staff members. 

Feeding Unit: 

We need volunteers to work with the Feeding Unit.  We currently have agreements with the American Red Cross to provide food during local disastrous event, to assist the State Disaster Relief Team in times when smaller feeding needs arise across the state and to provide trained volunteers to work the State Feeding Unit during major disasters.  If you think you would like to become involved with our feeding team, or if it has been over three years since your last deployment please sign up for training.

Chain Saw Unit: 

The need for trained chainsaw volunteers is always present.  Callouts for Chainsaw teams are the most active area of Disaster Relief work and provided one of the most effective areas for ministry.  In the past year, we have had the opportunity to deploy teams to several states, and chainsaw ministry provides open doors for ministry in every affected community.  We need more churches to organize clean-up teams, we will provide the training, and the equipment and your church will reap the harvest.  If a church could train three, or four volunteers to work with chainsaws, it would also provide opportunities for those volunteers who already have clean up training in the church to minister more often. If you are interested please contact Ricky and he will help you get involved. 

Rebuild/Construction Trailer:

If your church is planning a building mission project to the Gulf Coast or anywhere, the Association has a wonderful tool to assist you.  Our Rebuild/Construction trailer is equipped with all the tools and equipment that you will need to help rebuild those churches, or homes that you people will be working on.  You can select the sites, (or we will help you discover destinations), and recruit the volunteers and we will provide the tools for you to minister in an effective way. Work continues on improving the Associational Construction trailer and it has been deployed several times and proven very valuable.  If your church is planning a rebuild project consider it as a tool for your trip.

Shower Unit:                 

The Associational Shower Unit has proven to be a valuable tool for Disaster Relief, World Changers and other projects that we are involved in.  We can always use trained people to transport, set up and operate the unit when it is being used and is a perfect ministry to those who having camping experience and love to share with people.

Staging information is updated to reflect the deployment level of the Associational Disaster Relief team.

• Assistance – Our teams are currently assisting damaged areas in rebuild efforts
(Individuals and churches are leading these trips not Disaster Relief Activation

• Alert – The need for Volunteers is expected

• Standby – Volunteers are being contacted for deployment

• Go – Volunteers are being deployed to affected areas

Check with this web page to keep informed during disastrous events for opportunities to serve.

Any Questions? Please contact Greg Moore, Associational Disaster Relief Coordinator: disasterrelief@bmbaonline.org.

Disaster Relief Donations

You can help with the Association’s disaster relief efforts by giving to our DR fund. We can accept donations online using debit/credit cards, bank drafts, and PayPal accounts. You can also donate by sending checks to the BMBA office (750 Montclair Rd, Birmingham, AL 35213) payable to “Birmingham Metro Baptist Association” and designated for “Disaster Relief.”

Give online to support the Disaster Relief Ministry through secure E-Giving.