Join us for Adopt-A-Station during the week of 9/11 as we honor our public servants for their dedication and faithful service to our communities. Sign your church up as a participant to take a basket of baked goods and other goodies to your local fire or police station. Contact Butch Henderson at to add your church to the list of volunteers. We want to make sure that all stations in the city are honored during this special week.

Our public servants not only work tirelessly, but their work can often create stresses in many areas of their lives. We want to be able to encourage them, pray for their needs, and even just pick up their spirits by visiting with plates of cookies or cakes.

Birmingham Metro Baptist Association began a new ministry on September 11, 2006 — the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The Adopt-a-Station ministry encourages churches across the Association, on or near September 11th each year, to adopt stations near them in order to show appreciation for their work.

Groups participating in this ministry have the option of ministering to the station year-round: you might call, visit, take meals or treats, receive their prayer requests, maybe even start a Bible study — according to what you arrange with your station.

In 2006 we had five churches participating, and they visited 22 stations. The number of churches involved in this project has grown over the years churches began to participate in this opportunity to minister to our local first responders.

How to become involved in this ministry

We want to encourage your church to be involved in the annual Adopt-a-Station ministry the week of September 11th. We want to honor our firefighters and police officers by going to their stations and giving them homemade cookies and/or cakes—or even a meal if you choose to do so. They are very appreciative of this expression of thanks from the churches in their community.

Plan now to adopt a fire and/or police station in your community. Also, be sure to consider the different shifts at most stations (usually three spread over a 1-3 day period). Please divide and designate goodies for each shift if you are visiting just once.

This is a wonderful opportunity to minister to true heroes in our communities.  If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact your association at (205)599-3245.

To adopt a station in your area, email Butch Henderson, Church and Community Missions Specialist, at We would like to keep a list of the stations that are being ministered to by our churches.

Also, please send photos and details of your visits to Toni Wall, BMBA Marketing Specialist, at She may be able to use your photos and stories in our publications, website and publicity. If you have questions, please call her at (205) 599-3245.